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Success Stories

Stories from the frontlines and lessons learnt from fighting the good fight alongside our clients.


Gin Thye

Founded in 1964, Gin Thye is a Singapore homegrown heritage brand that specialises in traditional Chinese and wedding pastries, offering specialty items of various dialect groups such as Teochew Wu Se Tang, Cantonese Si Se Bing, Hokkien Hong Zhi Bao, Hainan Jian Dui.

Gin Thye also offers traditional peanut cookies, kuehs and cakes that have tantalised - and continues to tantalise - generations of taste buds.

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Skywatches started years ago as a seller on eBay selling watches of popular brands when the first wave of internet and online buying hit. With competitive pricing and prompt customer service, Skywatches soon became one of eBay’s top PowerSeller in Asia and subsequently went on to dominate other international online marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace and Lazada as well.

To create a sustainable advantage for the business in the long run however, Skywatches knew that it could not solely rely on online marketplaces; it eventually needs to have its own branded e-commerce platform to sell on, so that it has total control over all aspects of the operations and build a direct following and relationship with its customers.

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Max Polish

Max Polish is a leading mobile car grooming service in Singapore with 13,000 customers in its database, being featured in local media multiple times and was awarded best mobile car groomer in 2015 by

To cope with increased bookings for car grooming service, Max Polish needed to move away from its existing process of manually managing bookings to a digitised one. Max Polish needed to move into the e-commerce era to propel its business growth further and wants a reliable and proven solutions partner to help therm embark on this journey the right way.

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Modetti Office Services

Modetti Office Services (“MOS”) is a Singapore-based provider of business services, including business registration and incorporation, corporate secretary, PR and EntrePass application, mailing address, as well as accounting and tax filing among others.

MOS understood right from inception that it needs to venture beyond the domestic market and reach out to the regional and even international audience to grow the business in the direction that it wanted to. To achieve its objectives, e-commerce is the only answer. The only question left is which solutions partner with whom to entrust this mission.

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Tembusu Art Gallery ("TAG") is a Singapore-based art gallery that specialises in Southeast Asian contemporary art, featuring the works of accomplished artists such as Dr. Ho Kah Leong, Simon Wee and Wu Guanzhong among many others.

TAG has ambitions to reach out to a larger art appreciation and buying audience particularly in the North American and European markets, and realised that e-commerce is the only way to go. Having little to no experience in the areas of e-commerce and digital marketing, TAG felt that it is imperative that a trusted and reliable solutions partner is identified right at the start to help it achieve its objectives.

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Nankai is a Singapore-based high-end fashion brand that specialises in the design, manufacture and retail of authentic exotic skin handbags. Its handbags are made from quality luxurious crocodile, python and ostrich skins and have been perennial favourites among society elites, high net-worth individuals and diplomatic officials.

However, as well received as it was with its loyal regular customers, the brand has been over the years increasingly out of sync with the younger generation, especially the millennials, who prefer to engage brands via digital channels and social media, all of which are unfamiliar to the traditional ways of Nankai’s business.

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