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What Was Needed

Skywatches started years ago as a seller on eBay selling watches of popular brands when the first wave of internet and online buying hit. With competitive pricing and prompt customer service, Skywatches soon became one of eBay’s top PowerSeller in Asia and subsequently went on to dominate other international online marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace and Lazada as well.

To create a sustainable advantage for the business in the long run however, Skywatches knew that it could not solely rely on online marketplaces; it eventually needs to have its own branded e-commerce platform to sell on, so that it has total control over all aspects of the operations and build a direct following and relationship with its customers.


What We Did

Due to Skywatches’ existing presence on the major online marketplaces, it commands a significant volume of traffic that will be redirected over to its own branded e-commerce site. As such, server stability and speed optimization are extremely critical to the success of the site’s operations.

In addition, such trades usually see a high proportion of hacking and fraudulent transaction attempts, which requires customised detection and prevention approaches outside the normal site hosting environment.

Taking all the above considerations into account, we chose to develop Skywatches’ e-commerce site on the Magento platform, and enhanced it with a slew of code tweaks and customised fortifications to maximise its performance capability.

The site structure was also largely rewritten to incorporate advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that ensure top search ranking results for watch related keywords across all major markets, particularly North America and Europe.

A tailor-made server environment was also set up on Amazon Web Services to provide the robust foundation needed to support the site’s traffic volume, especially during festive season spikes.


The Skywatches e-commerce site welcomes an average of 300,000 visits per month, is ranked on the first page of Google for all major watch related keywords, and generates 7-digit sales revenue annually

With the success of the e-commerce site, it is now the cornerstone of Skywatches’ overall e-commerce strategy and growth plans moving forward.

Quote from Client

"Only with e-commerce are we able to sell to the whole world across borders and without restrictions. Stridec’s deep e-commerce expertise and technological prowess have made it possible for our business to scale new heights and strive towards more ambitious goals in the future."


A. Loh

Director, Skywatches

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