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Max Polish

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What Was Needed

Max Polish is a leading mobile car grooming service in Singapore with 13,000 customers in its database, being featured in local media multiple times and was awarded best mobile car groomer in 2015 by

To cope with increased bookings for car grooming service, Max Polish needed to move away from its existing process of manually managing bookings to a digitised one. Max Polish needed to move into the e-commerce era to propel its business growth further and wants a reliable and proven solutions partner to help therm embark on this journey the right way.


What We Did

We looked at Max Polish’s booking process and saw that it mirrors closely that of booking and buying tickets online, a process that most mainstream consumers would already be very familiar with.

We rebuilt Max Polish’s website from scratch into an e-commerce enabled one, based on the Magento 2 platform, with customised development of an online booking engine that incorporates industry best practices for user experience, allowing Max Polish’s customers to effortlessly book and pay for their car grooming appointments in the shortest time possible with minimal fuss.

Furthermore, to improve Max Polish’s operational workflow, bookings made on the e-commerce website are automatically plotted onto a calendar in the backend system and assigned to respective service teams, so that each team will always know its upcoming service schedule without always having to check back with the management.


We delivered the entire solution in under 2 months, in time for Max Polish to launch its Chinese New Year 2017 promotions on the newly e-commerce website, capturing more than $25,000 in booking sales within the first 2 weeks of launch.

Through e-commerce enablement on the customer frontend and optimized operational workflow at the backend, Max Polish improved its productivity and efficiency by 60% and at the same time improved customer loyalty and retention with an overall enhanced buying experience.

Quote from Client

"Our passion for cars have always inspired us to provide honest pricing and value-for-money service. We are proud to tap on e-commerce to serve our customers better. We are delighted to have Stridec as our consultant and partner to deliver a solution that we need, to take our business to greater heights.."


Max Wu

Founding Partner @ Max Polish

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