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Magento 2 Development

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What is Magento 2?

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform designed to help brands and companies grow their business online.

Since it first burst onto the ecommerce scene in early 2008, it has quickly become one of the most popular systems used by businesses worldwide to advance their ecommerce goals, with over 220,000 merchants around the world use Magento to establish their online presence.

At Stridec, we have been using Magento as our platform of choice since its very first version became public, accumulating along the way over 10 years of Magento development experience across hundreds of ecommerce websites design and services.

Where most agencies falter at the complexities of configuring and customising the Magento system, Stridec always delivers beyond clients’ expectations and then some.

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Why choose Magento 2?

There is a long list of reasons for choosing Magento to develop your ecommerce website development, but for us, it boils down to the following considerations.

Robust and secure framework

Magento is built upon some of the most formidable development and database frameworks in the industry, making its codebase extremely robust and resistant to hacks and performance failures.

When implemented correctly, it is almost impossible to break into a Magento ecommerce system by brute force attacks.

Easily customisable and extendible

Being an open-source system, it is easy for us to create custom workflows and unique user experiences on Magento to your exact specifications, so that you customers enjoy more when shopping and buying from you.

Very often, when companies got stuck with creating additional functionality on their existing ecommerce sites built on other platforms and needed to make a switch, we were able to solve it on Magento.

Built for business

Magento was born to be an ecommerce platform. Its structure, database model and workflows were designed from ground up for optimal ecommerce performance.

Where many systems in the market are either too generic to deliver performance, or too technical to be practical, Magento possesses a winning combination of both technical superiority and business pragmatism that makes it very malleable to the wide-ranging and diverse needs of individual businesses.

Over the years, Stridec has used Magento to build ecommerce storefronts for a variety of both B2B and B2C businesses, such as florist, bakery, watch retail, car grooming, consultancy and professional services, food supplies, security services, software companies, heavy industrial, liquor distribution as well as FMCG wholesale and many more.

Built for the future

With a full acquisition by Adobe, Magento is fully supported by a global company that is firmly committed to establishing Magento as the leading ecommerce platform in the world.

This translates to frequent updates and enhancements being released to improve the product and ensure that the platform stays ahead of the game, to the benefit of your growing online business.

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How to start developing my Magento 2 website?

We offer a range of Magento solutions to help you turn your ecommerce website development ambitions into reality.

Our customised design and development service is the ideal product for you if you need an overhaul of your existing website or to build a new one from scratch.

If you lack in-house technical, operational and marketing resources to manage the ecommerce website development, consider our managed ecommerce websites design services to take care of everything for you.


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