Ecommerce Solutions Provider: Choosing the Right One

To achieve success in the digital age and turn your vision into reality, having the right ecommerce solutions provider is a must.

More and more people are buying online, whether for business or personal use. As such, ecommerce will only gain more importance moving forward.

For any business to survive in the internet era, it must consider ecommerce solution as an integral part of its operations.

Having the right partner can help you execute a successful digital strategy and give you an unfair advantage over others.

As a result, you are in a better position to outsmart the competition and dominate the market.

But how do you know if the provider is the right one for you? There are a few factors to consider.

1. Is the provider giving you an ecommerce solution, or just building you a shopping cart website?

Many service providers claim that they provide an ecommerce solution when they’re just selling you a shopping cart development service.

The truth is, an ecommerce solution is much more than just a website with online checkout enabled.

It is a complete package that looks into every aspect of an ecommerce operation, including:

  • Branding
  • Design
  • User experience
  • Website development
  • Marketing
  • Payment capture
  • Order processing
  • Customer service
  • After-sales support
  • Web security

Your solutions provider needs to be well-versed in supporting you on the above and help you set up the necessary to fulfil those areas.

While you may not absolutely need to consider all the above right at the beginning, it would be helpful to know that your solutions provider is capable of scaling and extend their services to meet your future needs and as your business grows.

2. Is the provider more interested in giving you a solution, or closing you as a sale?

Many web agencies have standard packages that they sell to the market and more often than not, try to convince you to fit your business requirements within the confines of the packages’ specifications.

As an example, the Singapore Government provide abundant funding support to small businesses embarking on their ecommerce journey.

This led many providers in Singapore to sell their services on the promise of monetary grant availability, instead of the strengths and merits of their ecommerce solutions, and more importantly, whether the solution is a right fit for your business objectives.

Such a practice lulls business owners into the wrong mindset when developing their ecommerce capabilities.

In the end, such developments don’t last and are usually abandoned with a year or even months.

Ecommerce is a long-term game and requires a far-sighted approach for it to succeed. Make sure that the solution provider you choose thinks the same.

Stridec as Your Ecommerce Solutions Provider

At Stridec, we believe that Ecommerce is the future of business and are passionate about helping businesses get on the bandwagon and ride into the glorious digital future.

Whether you are a small-time business owner, or a C-level executive of a multinational corporation, we can help you strategise and develop an ecommerce solution that takes your business to unprecedented heights.

With over 17 years of experience helping our clients dominate their markets online, clocking millions of sale dollars in the process, we know what it takes to deliver ecommerce successfully.

Talk to us today and let’s build your ecommerce success together.