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Gin Thye

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The Client

Founded in 1964, Gin Thye is a Singapore homegrown heritage brand that specialises in traditional Chinese and wedding pastries, offering specialty items of various dialect groups such as Teochew Wu Se Tang, Cantonese Si Se Bing, Hokkien Hong Zhi Bao, Hainan Jian Dui.

Gin Thye also offers traditional peanut cookies, kuehs and cakes that have tantalised - and continues to tantalise - generations of taste buds.





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New Customers


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The challenge

As a traditional bakery business, Gin Thye has relied on conventional retail over the decades to sell their products. However, as digitalisation takes over most of the modern economy and - more importantly - dictates the current consumer buying behaviour, Gin Thye is struggling to have its presence felt in the market.

It is also unsure of how to create awareness and exposure on the digital space, particularly on social media, to connect with and engage the younger customers.

Gin Thye felt that it had become necessary to develop their ecommerce and digital capabilities to stay relevant in market. Without having an inkling where to start and what needs to be done, Gin Thye approached Stridec for help.

Turning on the ecommerce engine

One of the first things that we did was to review Gin Thye’s entire range of products and organise them, sometimes creating new packages or bundles, to make them optimized for online selling.

Next, we roped in a professional photographer for a few days to help us reshoot all the products so that we have a new set of images that are optimized for maximum consumer appeal and online purchase intent.

Gin Thye’s existing website was also outdated and lacked a good user experience. So, we set out to build a new ecommerce-enabled website from scratch with an updated brand visual identity, so that it connects better with the modern (younger) consumer audience.

The new ecommerce website has to be the foundation upon which other digital initiatives in the pipeline will be built, so we want the platform to be very robust and sturdy, yet at the same time flexible and extensible enough for additional capabilities to be added whenever necessary. Because of this consideration, we decided to build the new website on Magento 2 CE.

With the website done and good to go, Gin Thye is now ready to open the tap on this new revenue channel.

Turning on the Facebook ad magic

The new Gin Thye website was ready just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, when it has become customary to buy mooncakes for family, loved ones and friends, even business associates and acquaintances.

This was also the time of the year when all the major mooncake brands pull out all the stops to grab more of the market and cash in on the heightened purchasing sentiments of the market.

Given that this is Gin Thye’s first foray into direct online sale of their mooncakes and facing off bigger, more experienced competitors who have been doing this for the last few years, a moment of magic was needed to help Gin Thye punched through the crowded space.

We decided to take Gin Thye’s signature mooncake product and create a singular offer on it, believing that it is better to focus all the advertising firepower on a strong product than to spread across a range of products which would dilute effectiveness.

With the ad creative and copy done, and target audience defined, it was time to unleash the product ad onto Facebook.


We ran Gin Thye's ad on Facebook for 10 days and in the process achieved the following:

  • Over 500,000 impressions
  • More than 281,000 people reached
  • Almost 19,000 post engagements
  • 1,600 new customers just from online sales
  • SGD 84,000 in revenue just from online sales

When the campaign concluded, we had helped Gin Thye achieve a 9.3x ROI (return on investment) and 22x ROAS (return on advertising spend).

The client had put his faith in us to deliver and we did not disappoint.

Quote from Client

"We never knew that ecommerce can help us grow customers and sales to such an extent. It is really exciting to know that we can use the Internet to continue the legacy of our brand and share it with especially customers from the younger generations."


Lawrence Lim

Owner, Gin Thye

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