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Weaponise your online presence with effective ecommerce actions and dominate your market.

While you recognise that an online presence is a must to conduct business in today’s digitally connected world, you may not have given thought on structuring and optimizing it in a purposeful and results-driven manner that delivers direct, positive impact to your brand positioning, customer engagement goals and more importantly, bottom line.

This is where ecommerce comes in.

Customers and buyers across the board want to have instant access to information about products and services and also expect the ability to immediately exercise their purchasing power where and when desired. If your business is not onboard the ecommerce train, you are leaving money on the table.


With ecommerce web development, your web presence - primarily your website - is given a power upgrade that sharpens the user experience, with clear touch points that streamlines the path-to-purchase and improves your conversion rates. This ultimately means more customers and more sales for your business.

Stridec specialises in developing and sharpening your ecommerce capabilities so that your full growth potential in the digital space can be unleashed and realised.

Is Ecommerce Right for My Business?

When people talk about ecommerce, most would associate it with online shopping on sites such as, eBay or online marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Matahari Mall and many others. Indeed, ecommerce has been in large part popularised and driven to exponential year-on-year growth with online shopping behaviour becoming increasingly widespread and mainstream in any given populace or region around the world.

So if you operate a B2C or consumer-facing business, you can definitely benefit from the additional revenue stream and customer communication channel that ecommerce brings to the table. More often than not, ecommerce help revitalises and reinvigorates an established but stagnant business that has over the years grown weary and tired - in other words, boring and irrelevant - in the customers’ eyes."


If you are in the B2B space, ecommerce is also highly relevant to your long-term business growth. Contrary to conventional belief, ecommerce is a highly effective branding and marketing outreach tool for B2B businesses when strategised and implemented properly, not to mention the additional leads and sales that can be generated from opportunities that do not exist in traditional business development channels.

Therefore, regardless of the industry or sector that your business plays in, ecommerce is a critical success - if not downright essential - component that you need to incorporate into your operations at the earliest possible.

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Accelerate Business Growth with Ecommerce

Whether your business is in B2C or B2B, or any other combination of the market mix, getting on the ecommerce bandwagon will definitely give you an advantage over your competition and establish yourself as a leading player in your genre/industry. At Stridec, we are passionate about helping brands and companies achieve online success and market dominance through effective ecommerce enablement and optimization.

From consultation and coaching to strategy formulation, then design and development, as well as implementation and execution, Stridec is the only ecommerce agency that you need to provide total coverage of all your ecommerce and digital marketing needs.

Start your ecommerce journey with Stridec today, and let’s rock success.


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